3 Tips For Restaurants To Maintain Cleanliness

Running a restaurant is far from easy. From planning a menu to managing a staff to cultivating a loyal following, there are so many different balls that any restaurant owner has to seamlessly juggle to make the whole thing work. And one of the most important balls in that juggling routine is cleanliness. Nothing will sink a restaurant faster than being dirty.

At Quality Janitorial, we know how important it is to keep your homes and businesses so clean that you could eat off your floors! Here are three restaurant cleaning tips on how to maintain cleanliness.

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Clean Throughout The Day

The best way to keep a restaurant clean is to keep it clean every single day. Don’t put off cleaning the place until a designated cleaning hour or day: Make cleaning a part of your establishment’s daily routine. There’s so much that can get dirty in your restaurants: the front of the house, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and so on. You can’t afford to neglect any of these areas. Set up a daily cleaning schedule so all these different areas are being tended to and cleaned throughout the day.

Keeping your restaurant clean is critically important. It isn’t just an issue of aesthetics: A dirty restaurant is a health risk! It could lead to cross-contamination of foods and the spreading of disease. It’s for this reason that cleaning throughout the day is so essential.

Disinfect The Condiments

It’s one of the most neglected cleaning duties in a restaurant: Disinfecting the condiment bottles. And it shouldn’t be: They all get touched and handled by your customers. And while your patron’s silverware get changed out and cleaned after every meal, how often do you think to have your server wipe down their salt and pepper shakers? How often do you think to disinfect their mustard, ketchup, or soy sauce? Make disinfecting these bottles and jars a priority: Giving them a daily wipe-down should be part of your restaurant’s cleaning culture.

Designated Towels

Don’t get your towels mixed up! Take care to not mix your cleaning tools and products together. Whatever you use to clean the front of your house should not also be used to clean your bathrooms. Don’t use the towels that you use to disinfect your kitchen counters to wipe down the tables that your customers are using. Take care to prevent cross-contamination from your cleaning efforts.

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