4 Signs Your Office Needs A Cleaning

Does you know when your office needs cleaning? A clean office is an important part of any business: It’s hard to convince clients and your own staff to take your business seriously when it looks like a mess.

At Quality Janitorial, cleaning offices is one of our specialties. Keep an eye out for these red flags: If you spot any of these four warning signs, that means your office needs a cleaning. Give Quality Janitorial a call: We’ll have your office looking brand new in no time.

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Sick Days

The number one warning sign that your office needs a cleaning is if people keep getting sick. Do your employees keep calling out? Is there a cold that keeps circulating through your office, giving people the sniffles, even when it ISN’T cold season? That’s a clear indicator of a dirty office. Germs can linger in all sorts of unexpected place: On door handles, on keyboards, even on the office water cooler. A thorough cleaning can do wonders for the well-being of your workers.

Your Fridge Stinks

A classic red flag is if your company’s fridge starts to stink. A smelly fridge can signal that bacteria and germs are growing in there, perhaps even outbreaks of mold. Smelly fridges aren’t just unpleasant to your senses: They can be unhealthy. If food has gone bad in your fridge, it could risk contaminating other items in the fridge, making people sick.

A smelly fridge is also sign of a lack of attention to detail. It isn’t hard to regularly clean your fridge out. If it isn’t getting done, ask yourself: What else is being neglected? What other easy to clean areas in your office are slowly turning into a big problem because nobody is handling it? Cleanliness requires diligence; If your people aren’t diligent enough to keep their workspaces clean, that’s a problem.

It Looks Terrible

This is one of the more obvious signs, but it bears pointing out. Does your office look like a mess? Is it trashed? If it looks disorganized and unprofessional, it needs cleaning. A messy office can pose a health risk, it can be a safety hazard if people trip over random objects or trash, it can hurt your business by turning off clients and it can cripple the morale of your employees.

Flooring Wear And Tear

Does your office have carpeting? If so, take a look at it and be honest with yourself: How does it look? Messy carpets don’t just look unsightly, they can be a health problem: Carpets trap allergens like dirt and pollen in their fibers, making them a major thorn in the side of anyone with allergies. If you have tile instead, dirty tiles can be a problem as well: Not only does dirty tile look bad, but they could be a slipping hazard if they’re cracked or have spills on them. Keeping your flooring intact and clean is an essential part of maintaining a clean office environment.

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If Your Office Needs Cleaning…

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