Make A Cleaning Resolution That You Can Stick To

It’s a new year! With the new year comes new hope, new possibilities, new opportunities and new resolutions. It’s easy to focus on the big things when you make a resolution: Better health! More money! Exciting adventures! But you should also make resolutions that are smaller, resolutions that can immediately and beneficially impact your day to day life. Like making a resolution to get better at cleaning your home. Continue reading “Make A Cleaning Resolution That You Can Stick To”

Simple Tips To Organize Your Bedroom

It’s one of the most important rooms in your home. The place where you lay down your weary head and rest after a hard day’s work. The place where you can be intimate with your loved ones, where you can dream sweet dreams and shut out the outside world for a night. It should be an intimate, inviting, comforting space. But if it’s full of clutter and messes, it could feel like a mine-field of tripping hazards, eyesores and unpleasantness. Continue reading “Simple Tips To Organize Your Bedroom”

Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner. You’ve got lots of things to look forward: Family, fun, feasts, presents, goodwill and messes to clean up. Nobody looks forward to the last item on that list but it’s an inescapable holiday reality. You will have guests and they will probably make a mess. Or you’ll be so busy doing holiday preparations and activities that you’ll be the one making a mess! By the end of the season, you may be wishing you added “A clean house” on your Christmas list to Santa. Continue reading “Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays”

4 Ways To Prevent Your Kitchen From Smelling

When people walk into your kitchen, you want them to take a whiff and say “What’s that smell?” with a smile on their face. You don’t want them to come in there while you’re cooking up something good and watch their face scrunch up in horror and disbelief as they say “WHAT’S THAT SMELL?!” before leaving the room. Your kitchen should be a room full of sweet, savory and enticing smells. It shouldn’t be the one place in your home where noses fear to tread. Continue reading “4 Ways To Prevent Your Kitchen From Smelling”

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

If your kitchen starts to have a foul odor or your sink isn’t draining the way it used to, you may want to clean garbage disposal. They can take a lot of abuse, but even something as sharp and durable as your disposal needs to be taken care of every now and then. Otherwise you’ll end up with a smelly kitchen, and possibly a pest-infested one: food trapped in your sink can be an open invitation for all sorts of creepy-crawlies to move in. Continue reading “How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal”

What To Do In The Emergency Of A Flood

It’s hard to know how to act right when you’ve been struck by an “act of God”. No home-owner expects to be hit by a flood. The aftermath of such an unfortunate event can be overwhelming: the damage a flood can do, no matter how big or small it is, can be extensive. While you can never know when something like this could happen to your home, you can prepare yourself by knowing what you need to do when it happens. Continue reading “What To Do In The Emergency Of A Flood”

6 Ways to Protect Your Wood Floors Throughout the Year

Hardwood flooring can make your house look gorgeous. It can also be a wise investment: Wood flooring can increase the resale value of your home when you put it on the market. But wood flooring also needs to be maintained and cared for regularly and properly to keep it looking as beautiful as the rest of your home. Continue reading “6 Ways to Protect Your Wood Floors Throughout the Year”

What Flooring Hides Stains the Best?

We’ve all been there — we’re drinking a cold soda on a hot day, and suddenly the condensation makes it slip from our fingers. It falls, landing squarely on our new, white carpet. Or perhaps we just got a new puppy, and in his excitement over her new family, she relieves herself all over our beautiful hardwood floors. In either case, your floors are stained, and likely in a pretty visible place.

Continue reading “What Flooring Hides Stains the Best?”