How to Clean Your Dishwasher

You may not think you have to clean your dishwasher, but you really do. Just because it regularly cycles powerful cleaning agents inside itself doesn’t mean that it also doesn’t need a little TLC every now and then. If you want to keep your dishes clean, you’ll want to make sure that your dishwasher is tip-top and sanitary at all times.

At Quality Janitorial we know how important it is to take good care of your dishwasher. Here’s what you need to know to keep this little engine of cleanliness chugging away for years to come. Continue reading “How to Clean Your Dishwasher”

Top Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Office Healthy

A clean office is a healthy office, and a healthy office is a productive office. If you want your business to run smoothly you want to make sure that your workers’ immune systems are running smoothly too. And the best way to ensure that your workers will stay healthy and not have to call out sick all the time is to make your office a clean and sanitary environment. Continue reading “Top Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Office Healthy”

How Often Should I Vacuum And Shampoo My Carpets?

Carpets can make your home both stylish and comfortable. The downside to carpeting is that it tends to be more high maintenance than other types of flooring. Good carpeting has to be taken care of regularly. The consequences to not cleaning your carpets isn’t just a dirty looking home: It can also affect your health! Continue reading “How Often Should I Vacuum And Shampoo My Carpets?”

5 Ways A Clean Office Improves Employee Productivity

We spend so much of our lives at work. Some of us may spend more time at work than we do at home! Shouldn’t we be able to work in environments that are as clean as our homes? A clean office can make your employees more productive. Cleanliness boosts efficiency, morale and offers a variety of major benefits for any business. Continue reading “5 Ways A Clean Office Improves Employee Productivity”

The Best Way To Clean Hard Surface Floors

Cleaning hard surface floors can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t want to turn your lovely floors into a streaky, damaged mess! Whether or not you have ceramic, hardwood, or vinyl floors, knowing the right techniques for cleaning them can save you a lot of grief further down the line.

At Quality Janitorial Services, we know the proper way to treat hard surface floors. Here’s a primer on the most reliable ways to clean your floors.
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10 Things To Clean When Your Kids Get Sick

Having a sick child to take care of is stressful enough. Spare yourself the worry and suffering of catching their illness by keeping your home clean. The best way to fight infection is to make your home germ-free. This isn’t easy: Kids have a knack for getting their germs all over the place!

At Quality Janitorial, we know what it takes to keep a home clean and disease-free. If you’ve got a sick kid, help them get better and protect yourself by cleaning these ten things.
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Make A Cleaning Resolution That You Can Stick To

It’s a new year! With the new year comes new hope, new possibilities, new opportunities and new resolutions. It’s easy to focus on the big things when you make a resolution: Better health! More money! Exciting adventures! But you should also make resolutions that are smaller, resolutions that can immediately and beneficially impact your day to day life. Like making a resolution to get better at cleaning your home. Continue reading “Make A Cleaning Resolution That You Can Stick To”

Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner. You’ve got lots of things to look forward: Family, fun, feasts, presents, goodwill and messes to clean up. Nobody looks forward to the last item on that list but it’s an inescapable holiday reality. You will have guests and they will probably make a mess. Or you’ll be so busy doing holiday preparations and activities that you’ll be the one making a mess! By the end of the season, you may be wishing you added “A clean house” on your Christmas list to Santa. Continue reading “Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays”