3 Tips For Restaurants To Maintain Cleanliness

Running a restaurant is far from easy. From planning a menu to managing a staff to cultivating a loyal following, there are so many different balls that any restaurant owner has to seamlessly juggle to make the whole thing work. And one of the most important balls in that juggling routine is cleanliness. Nothing will sink a restaurant faster than being dirty. Continue reading “3 Tips For Restaurants To Maintain Cleanliness”

Best Ways to Reduce Employee Sick Days

ThinkstockPhotos-164922063There’s no way around it – people are going to get sick. This includes people in your company, your employees who you depend on to keep the business running smoothly and effectively. When they are out of the office because they are sick, they are essentially becoming an additional cost. While we can’t prevent sickness altogether, we can do things to help minimize the amount of work employees miss due to being ill.

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Some of the best ways to reduce employee sick days include both physical and mental health. Here are some suggestions that may make a difference:

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