4 DIY Cleaning Products

Using store-bought commercial cleaners can be risky. Some cleaners contain harsh cleaners that could be damaging if you use them on the wrong flooring or piece of furniture. It can be hard to tell which cleaners are safe and which ones you should shun. There is an easy way to clean your home with risk-free products: You can make your own! Continue reading “4 DIY Cleaning Products”

How to Get Toilet Rings Off Without Hurting Porcelain

Toilet RingYou may have just recently moved into a new home or apartment and found that the people who lived there before you were less than diligent when it came to keeping the place looking good. There may be stains on carpets or hard water build up in the shower that you are now forced to deal with.

But the one thing that can really leave you looking for answers is the ring in the toilet. What happens when you try all of your favorite cleaning products and still can’t get rid of the ring? We’d like to tell you exactly how to get toilet rings off.

Not only is it pretty gross to think about, it is definitely an eye sore. It’s a common problem that can actually occur in homes even when cleaning happens on a regular basis. Dirty toilet rings can also show up in office buildings too, giving business owners and office managers everywhere a cringe of embarrassment whenever their clients ask to use the restroom.

Fortunately, there are some popular and effective methods to get toilet rings off without hurting porcelain. You may have given up on using the cleaning products you are familiar with, but you aren’t quite ready to turn to more heavy duty methods that may cause permanent damage to the porcelain of your toilet. Try these methods instead:

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The Most Commonly Overused Cleaning Products

ThinkstockPhotos-454944377Many of us already have our “go-to” cleaning products that we reach for no matter what the mess is. This could be a product of our upbringing. Maybe we watched our mother or grandmother reach for the same product over and over again and just simply grew up to believe that it was the best solution for whatever messy situation we find ourselves in.

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Even though there are hundreds and hundreds of cleaning products on the shelves today, some specifically designed and formulated for certain rooms in the house, many of keep our one loyal product by our side no matter where the dirt and grime take us. We might use the same cleaner we just used to clean the stove to wash the mirrors in the bathroom.

As it turns out, there are some cleaning products that are overly used. It might sound strange to think that there is such a thing as “overusing a cleaning product,” but there are some pretty good reasons why:

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