6 Ways to Protect Your Wood Floors Throughout the Year

Hardwood flooring can make your house look gorgeous. It can also be a wise investment: Wood flooring can increase the resale value of your home when you put it on the market. But wood flooring also needs to be maintained and cared for regularly and properly to keep it looking as beautiful as the rest of your home. Continue reading “6 Ways to Protect Your Wood Floors Throughout the Year”

What Flooring Hides Stains the Best?

We’ve all been there — we’re drinking a cold soda on a hot day, and suddenly the condensation makes it slip from our fingers. It falls, landing squarely on our new, white carpet. Or perhaps we just got a new puppy, and in his excitement over her new family, she relieves herself all over our beautiful hardwood floors. In either case, your floors are stained, and likely in a pretty visible place.

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Best Methods for Cleaning Marble

Cleaning MarbleMarble is one of the most beautiful stones you can use to decorate your home or office. It is actually a limestone that has metamorphosed through heat and pressure. Mixing in natural elements produces the gorgeous and intricate veining and colors that we see in marble. Its natural look and feel of elegance adds depth and style to any room.

As pretty as it is to look at, marble can actually be quite challenging to clean. It often requires different products and techniques than what we may use in other areas of our home. There are a few crucial things to know and understand about marble that can make cleaning it much easier.

Many people mistake marble for granite and tend to lump them together. But the truth is, marble is much softer than granite, making it much easier to scratch, stain and wear out. You cannot use the same cleaning techniques to clean marble as you would with granite. This is especially true with cleaning products, such as vinegar, that have high acidic qualities and can etch or dull the surface of your marble.

Everyday Cleaning

When you’re simply looking to touch up your marble, use a soft microfiber cloth and warm water. Be sure to go back over the marble with a dry cloth as well. Marble is prone to water spots and it is better to use a cloth to dry it rather than letting it air dry. For marble floors, try using a microfiber mop with plain hot water.

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