How to Clean Your Dishwasher

You may not think you have to clean your dishwasher, but you really do. Just because it regularly cycles powerful cleaning agents inside itself doesn’t mean that it also doesn’t need a little TLC every now and then. If you want to keep your dishes clean, you’ll want to make sure that your dishwasher is tip-top and sanitary at all times.

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4 Ways To Prevent Your Kitchen From Smelling

When people walk into your kitchen, you want them to take a whiff and say “What’s that smell?” with a smile on their face. You don’t want them to come in there while you’re cooking up something good and watch their face scrunch up in horror and disbelief as they say “WHAT’S THAT SMELL?!” before leaving the room. Your kitchen should be a room full of sweet, savory and enticing smells. It shouldn’t be the one place in your home where noses fear to tread. Continue reading “4 Ways To Prevent Your Kitchen From Smelling”

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

If your kitchen starts to have a foul odor or your sink isn’t draining the way it used to, you may want to clean garbage disposal. They can take a lot of abuse, but even something as sharp and durable as your disposal needs to be taken care of every now and then. Otherwise you’ll end up with a smelly kitchen, and possibly a pest-infested one: food trapped in your sink can be an open invitation for all sorts of creepy-crawlies to move in. Continue reading “How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal”

6 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

The kitchen is often the cheeriest room in a house, but when a kitchen is disorganized, it’s anything but attractive. Cluttered kitchens aren’t fun to work in because it can be difficult to find the necessary tools and ingredients. Suddenly what was once a fun activity is really a chore.

At Quality Janitorial, we’ve seen a few disorganized kitchens, so we’ve put together some of our best tips for restoring order.

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How to Eliminate Microwave Odors in the Office

dumplings-632206_1280Working in an office setting with even just a few people can present specific challenges and requires patience and cooperation. Of all the many things that office staff must share when working in close quarters with one another, perhaps the smell of the office can be the most difficult.

This is especially true when it comes to the smell of food or the preparation of food. Some food smells, while perfectly normal to one person, can be overwhelming to others. When everyone is sharing the same microwave in an office to warm up their favorite left-overs or cook their go-to bowl of noodles, that microwave soon becomes overrun with a combination of strange odors.

So how you can prevent this from becoming an issue? Here are a few ideas on how to eliminate microwave odors in the office:

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Cleaning Day Playlist

Cleaning Day PlaylistLet’s face it; there are some cleaning days that we are excited for and others when we just cannot seem to find the motivation. Even when we have it scheduled on our calendars or know that the guests will be arriving in just a few hours, we just do not seem to have the energy to get up and get going.

What to do?

There are moments in life that just require a soundtrack. A solid playlist of upbeat songs with the right tempo and beat can be just the thing to get you started when it comes to cleaning. Research shows that our minds and bodies respond to upbeat music in a positive way. Music provides a rhythm that our bodies begin to follow almost without thinking. It can help get the blood flowing and give us that extra boost of energy.

We realize that everyone has his or her own tastes of music and what might inspire one person to keep the vacuum going just might not do it for someone else. However, if you need some ideas on the perfect cleaning day playlist, here are some ideas:

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3 Easy Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We have some news to share with you. It might be startling. It might take your breath away. HereDiswasher Cleaning Tips it is… Just because you put soap into your dishwasher doesn’t mean it’s clean! That’s right! You need to clean your dishwasher too!

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You might be wondering how to do this. With the racks in the way, coils in the bottom and short of crawling inside, it can be difficult. But we have 3 fool-proof ways you can tidy up your dishwasher without taking up residence inside. No need to run to the store for expensive ‘just for dishwasher’ cleaning detergent. Try these DIY dishwasher cleaning tips!

Use baking soda and vinegar

Clean life enthusiast Melissa at Clean My Space has put together an easy to follow YouTube video on how to use baking soda and vinegar to clean your dishwasher. Plus, it’ll get any dingy smell that’s been hanging around! That’s right, the same smell that could be haunting your washer, could be haunting your dishes.

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