Make A Cleaning Resolution That You Can Stick To

It’s a new year! With the new year comes new hope, new possibilities, new opportunities and new resolutions. It’s easy to focus on the big things when you make a resolution: Better health! More money! Exciting adventures! But you should also make resolutions that are smaller, resolutions that can immediately and beneficially impact your day to day life. Like making a resolution to get better at cleaning your home.

“Cleanliness is godliness”, as the old saying goes. That’s an adage we take to heart at Quality Janitorial. If you want your home to be heavenly, keep it clean. Start off 2016 on the right foot by making a cleaning resolution that you can stick to. And if you need some suggestions on what kind of cleaning resolution you can make, here are four resolutions that fit the bill nicely.

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Set a Schedule

The key to a clean house is being organized. Take an inventory of everything that needs to be cleaned, figure out when they need to be cleaned by and set a schedule. Group like things together: Clean all your windows on the same week of each month, focus on furniture dusting on a different day and so on. By maintaining an organized cleaning schedule, you’re less likely to miss something. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with keeping your house in order that you could end up neglecting something for months and months.

Month by Month, Section by Section

Don’t overwhelm yourself by doing too much too soon. If you want a clean house, remember the lesson of the Tortoise: Slow and steady wins the race! For maximum cleanliness and efficiency, pick one important room to focus on organizing each month. Maybe in January you’ll reorganize and rearrange your home office; On February you’ll work on your bedroom and so on. By focusing on one small section of your home at a time, you can give each area the exacting focus and attention that they’ll need to turn out just right.

Make it a Team Effort

If you don’t live by yourself, you have no excuse to be cleaning all by yourself! Get your roommate, your kids, your spouses and the rest of your family involved in keeping your home nice and tidy! Make a game of it, rewarding the people who get the most accomplished with a nice meal or a sweet prize.

Budget for Professional Cleaning

Treat yourself and your home to a professional cleaning. No matter how clean and organized you are, there are some messes that are best left to a professional. Include professional cleaning in your budget so that on busy and stressful months you can have one less big thing to worry about. Bring in some pros to ease your burden.

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Need Another Cleaning Resolution?

Start the New Year with a clean slate and a clean home! For another cleaning resolution or help with cleaning services, give Quality Janitorial a call at 602-487-7068 to find out more.

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