Organization Hacks

One of the best things you can do for your home is to get it more organized. A more organized home is a cleaner home. It’s also more time efficient: You can save a tremendous amount of time in terms of cleaning or even just trying to find certain things by getting more organized.

At Quality Janitorial, we know how much easier life can be when you can get yourself organized. Here are a few simple, easy to apply organization hacks for your home.

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Vertical Storage

Looking to add room in your silverware drawers? Consider storing them vertically! If you have a deep enough shelf and add a few extra dividers in, you can free up a considerable amount of space by standing your utensils upright.

Tissue Box Bag Holder

Need a place to store all your plastic grocery bags? The next time you finish using a box of tissues, don’t throw it out! Save the empty box and fill it with plastic grocery bags. Now you have a safe place to fish them out whenever you need them.

Loose cords can be both aesthetically unappealing and a tripping hazard. You can get them under control with a little bit of Velcro! Add a strip of Velcro to anchor the cord to either the device it’s attached to or the wall the cord is running along. This will keep the cord snug, tight, and out of sight.

Sink Hanging Rod

If your home is like most homes, the area beneath your sink is probably full of clutter. It’s the place where most people stash all their cleaning supplies, and it’s easy for such a confined and busy space to become disorganized in a hurry. An easy fix is to install a curtain rod beneath your sink! That way you’ll have a place where you can hang all your spray bottles of cleaning agents, freeing up the floor beneath sink for extra storage space.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

You know those hanging shoe organizers you can throw on the back of your door? They can be used for a lot more than shoes! You can store all kinds of things in them: Toiletries, toys, art supplies, first aid, intimate apparel… the list goes on and on.

Mason Jars

These little hardy glass jars are great for storing liquids and jams. They’re also good for storing all sorts of other odds and ends? Need a place to put buttons that popped off your shirts? Or a place to put all your spare change? Or do you need a handy-dandy receptacle to stash your q-tips in? A mason jar could help you out of jams just as much as it can help you with jam.

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