What to Do If Your Office Refrigerator Stinks

Your office’s break room should be a sanctuary, a safe place to decompress and relax during a busy day. The last thing anyone wants is to walk into that room and be assaulted by grotesque odors. But it can: Sometimes the office fridge can make a big stink. And nothing can run your lunch break faster than a smelly fridge. Continue reading “What to Do If Your Office Refrigerator Stinks”

Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean

176834749A clean and organized office is good for business. It promotes better working conditions for employees and offers a more welcoming atmosphere to visitors and clients. It’s safe to say that the cleanliness of an office has a major impact on how productive and successful the business is.

Keeping the office clean can often be a challenge. No matter how many people work in the office, messes will occur and dirt and dust will accumulate. This means that the office will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Here are some tips for keeping your office clean:

Everything Has a Place

It’s amazing how much paperwork and files can stack up even after just a few short days. Once piles of loose papers begin to form, they seem to breed and spread to every corner of the office creating an atmosphere of sloppiness. You can prevent this mess by ensuring every file has a home. There should even be a place for paperwork that is still waiting to be looked at. Using filing cabinets, paper trays and other storage devices can help keep your office looking tidy.

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