Top Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Office Healthy

A clean office is a healthy office, and a healthy office is a productive office. If you want your business to run smoothly you want to make sure that your workers’ immune systems are running smoothly too. And the best way to ensure that your workers will stay healthy and not have to call out sick all the time is to make your office a clean and sanitary environment.

At Quality Janitorial, we know the best ways to keep an office neat and tidy. Here are some of our top cleaning tips for keeping your office healthy.

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Disinfect Work Spaces

How often do you clean your keyboard? Or wipe down the door handles to your office? Everything that you regularly touch and interact with can become a haven for germs. Take care to frequently clean anything that you touch on a daily basis. Pay attention to which other areas in your office get handled the most by other people. Those areas will also be hotbeds for potential illness.

Keep The Breakroom Clean

A great way to keep your office healthy is to make sure that the breakroom is clean. Wash the dishes and cups everyday. Make a point of going through the fridge at least once a week to throw away expired foods. Also be sure to clean the inside of the fridge if any food or drink spills in there.

Air Filters

Keep tabs on your A/C. Whenever it’s necessary change out the air filters. Dirty air filters can end up making your office an unhealthy environment by filling the air you breathe with contaminants and pollutants.

Office Phones

If your office has its own set of phones, make sure those get cleaned on a regular basis. It’s easy for them to become hazardous to your health. They get frequently handled by people who may be passing their sick germs onto them.

Trash Your Trash

Don’t let your garbage sit around for a few days. Make a habit of emptying all your trash cans on a daily basis. Letting trash sit around and linger won’t just make your office look and smell bad: It could attract pests into the office, it could create mold, and could cause illness in a variety of ways.

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